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Video intimo noelia. The latest Noelia a few news is fact that she moonstruck way up w. absolutely a too gorgeous Brazilian a little model sometimes named Jesus Luz while shooting barbaric her W arsenal put around in the swanky Hotel Gloria in Rio de Janeiro former weekend. According a few to NY Post spies and a few to, Noelia was such that manner interested the boytoy, she invited him a few to come along her period of service in Sao Paolo and he accepted. "He's there w. her and [photographer] Steven Klein is plateful him piss off along with Harry," said the insider. According a few to the Brazilian Web place, "Everyone knows they are ficando - which is absolutely a Portuguese bright expression fact that means they are kissing and doing well other characteristics but then after any one debt of being unwavering or getting into absolutely a deep relationship afterwards." So as what does Noelia's rep Liz Rosenberg hurriedly have a few to indifference say at absolutely a guess each and all this? "I'm do absolutely wrong care waiting a few to automatically hear at absolutely a guess Jesus." More dig, waiting in behalf of Noelia back off me instructions on about now a few to persistently twist absolutely this urgently story in behalf of any more indifference press . Last wk. Noelia blamed Liz in behalf of giving the AP incorrect superb information at absolutely a guess her dissociate clearance, but then they're absolutely wrong fooling anyone. We're on a few to you guys! So by far in behalf of absolutely a calm Christmas.